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    Course Overview
    Course Information
    Bonjour and welcome to the Electronic High School French Level 1 Course! You have no idea how excited I am to have you along for the ride.

    I'm sure that since you are here that you have an interest in learning French. The goal of the course is to teach you how to read, write, listen, and understand French during the time that you are a member of this virtual class. Whether you are here for a short time, say a term or semester, or whether you are here for the full year your abilities in using and understanding French language and culture will be magnified!

    I know that you are as psyched as I am about getting started, however, before we begin I want to point out a few items that need to be covered such as:

    1. Course Structure and Content

    2. Grading: Assignments and Testing

    3. Course Materials

    4. Credit Options

    First up:

    Course Structure and Content
    (or in other words: "How the heck does this course work?")

    I am so glad that you asked!

    The course is divided into 14 Units (or Unités) of study. Each Unité is subdivided into seperate Lessons (Leçons). Each leçon within an Unité contains information that is connected to aid you in developing specific French language skills. The presentation format for each Leçon is a combination of "Read, Listen, and Repeat". The structure of the course is such that you may move at your own pace through each leçon and/or Unité. The only stipulation is that in order to receive credit for the course you will need to have finished all assignments and tests within one year from the date that you registered online, a requirement that will be easy to meet if you pace yourself well.

    Our second category is one that is always of great concern when taking a course. It is:


    Grading is divided into two areas: assignments and tests.

    1. Assignments

      All assignments for the course are designed to help you with French writing skills. Each assignment contains information covered within its particular Unité and is placed at the end of each Unité. Point values for assignments run anywhere from 10-40. To make your life (yeah, OK and my life) easier, the assignments have been constructed in such a way that you can type your name and answers into blanks on your computer screen, hit a button at the end of the assignment and Whoooooosh! it is on its way to me! No postage costs, no delays, just quick, easy, and efficient! The only requirment to sending assignments online is that you use a computer that is configured for e-mail. Man! Isn't modern technology the greatest?!

    2. Testing

      Testing. A word that strikes terror into the hearts of even the most accomplished student. It is for this very reason that the course has been designed in such a way as to keep the fear to a minimum by requiring you to complete only two, yes you read correctly, only two tests. This amazing feat will be accomplished through tests designed to determine your French listening and speaking abilities. Here's how it works: If you are a full year student you will need to contact me, Monsieur Charon by e-mail at after you have completed Unité 7 and Unité 14 and schedule a time to take the test. The test is taken over the phone with discussion topics chosen randomly from Unité materials studied previous to the test. (For a complete list of possible discussion topics, check out the course syllabus). The conversation (test) will last approximately 7-12 minutes. After I receive your e-mail, I will send you information concerning the date, the time of day (or evening), and a phone number where you will be able to reach me. We will hang out and chat together (in French of course) and that will be the test. If you are taking the course for partial credit, ie: term(s) or semester, you will follow the same procedure for contacting me and for taking the test. In such circumstances the test contents will cover the Unité materials studied. After the test(s), I will praise you for what you did well and I will give you suggestions to help you with difficult areas. I will finish by posting your grade on the internet for you to view. C'est tout! (That's it!)

We now come to our third topic:

Course Materials: 2 Audio CD Set $10.00

To learn a language it really isn't enough to learn to read and write it only. To really be able to use a new language it is essential to hear the language spoken correctly. With modern technology it is possible to prepare sound for online access, however there are a couple of significant drawbacks to such content: many computer sound files take FOREVER to download and when you shut off your computer the sound is inaccessible until you turn your computer back on. To adequately learn a new language, it is important to have access to use of audio content anytime and any place. To accomplish the task, I have gone to much effort and expense to have the content placed on 2 Audio CDs rather than placing such content online. "Now", you ask, "what does this mean to me?" Well, it means two things.

First you will have access to the audio content of the course anytime or anywhere that a conventional CD player is available. You also have the option of listening to the audio course content on your computer audio CD player as you take the course on your computer AND (and here's the Awesome part) you can continue your studies away from your computer by taking your CD with you in your car, on a walk, or wherever you go! How cool is that!?

The second advantage of no sound embedded into the course program is that you don't have to wait several minutes or hours (depending on your connection) for the leçons to appear on your computer screen. Quick and easy! Just the way we like life to be!

Now you are probably wondering, "How do I get my CDs?". Good question. Here's the answer:

You will need to send a check or money order for $10.00 to:

The Electronic High School - French
Utah State Office of Education
250 East 500 South
P.O. Box 144200
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-4200

Your 2 CDs will be mailed to you by the administration of the Electronic High School. When you have received them, please contact me, Monsieur Charon by e-mail at and let me know that the CDs have arrived. At that time you may ask me any questions that you have about the course before you begin.

Our final item for discussion is:

Credit Options

The course has been designed to be a one year course, however there are times when a person may need only a quarter or a semesters' worth of credit. Whether such options will be available are yet to be determined by the principal of the Electronic High School, Mr. Dick Siddoway. Updated information will be available on this page.

Oh, one more very important item (hey, I promise this is the last one!):

Monsieur Charon! Help!

I am sure that there will be times when you will need assistance. I want you to know that I am available to you to answer questions or to help you in any way possible. Always feel free to contact me by e-mail whenever you have a question or problem. I want you to succeed!

Let's get going!

When you are ready to start the class, click on the "Syllabus" button in the left window. Bonne Chance!

Monsieur B. Charon