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French Level 1
    Unité 12: Leçon 3c
    Les Phrases avec "Avoir"
    You're back! Superbe! In this leçon we will be taking all of the new vocabulary that we studied in the last leçon and putting these words into sentences. (*Note: on the table below there will be two English definitions given for each French sentence. The first one is an English adaptation of the French sentence while the second definition in (...) is an exact translation.)

    Heeeeeeeere we go:

    Track 15
    Le Phrases avec "Avoir" SOUND BYTE GOES HERE
    J'ai froid. I am cold (I have cold)
    Tu as chaud. You are cold (You have cold).
    Il a faim. He is hungry (He has hunger).
    Elle a soif. She is thirsty (She has thirst).
    Ils ont sommeil. They are sleepy (They have sleepiness)
    Elles ont peur. They are afraid (They have fear).

      Now let's make all of the above phrases negative:

    Track 16
    Le Phrases negative avec "Avoir" SOUND BYTE GOES HERE
    Je n'ai pas froid. I am not cold (I do not have cold)
    Tu n'as pas chaud. You are not cold (You do not have cold).
    Il n'a pas faim. He is not hungry (He does not have hunger).
    Elle n'a pas soif. She is not thirsty (She does not have thirst).
    Ils n'ont pas sommeil. They are not sleepy (They do not have sleepiness)
    Elles n'ont pas peur. They are not afraid (They do not have fear).

      We are now going to take another look at the pictures and words from the last leçon. What I want you to do is to say each word shown with each of the "avoir" forms above, both affirmative and negative. For example: you will say "j'ai" and "je n'ai pas" before each word, then you will use "tu as" and "tu n'as pas" before each word, then "il a", "il n'as pas" then "elle a" and "elle n'as pas" then...I'm sure you have the idea! If you don't remember how to say these words, you can listen to the sound byte on the table above and on the pictures below, then combine them by memory. Keep working on these new phrases until you are comfortable with them. Relax! Take your time! We're in no big rush! When you are ready, go on to the next leçon (and if this sounds a lot like what you did in Leçon 1b, it's because it is what you did in Leçon 1b!) When you are finished, head on over to Leçon 3d where Luc is waiting to teach you all about the body!
    Plus d'Émotions,
    de Sentiments et de Besoins

    Track 14