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French Level 1
    Unité 12: Leçon 3d
    Les Parties Du Corps
    Salut! I'm the lucky stiff, oops, bad choice of words! I'm the lucky GUY that M. Charon asked to round up some body parts to use for this leçon. Yeah, I know it's kinda gross, but it works. You'll see! Cross my heart!

    Let's say these words together:

    Track 17
    AWESOME! Now, if you really want to show off, go to a friend or someone in your family and tell them the parts of your body "en français"! They'll either be VERY impressed or they'll think that you have completely lost your mind! On second thought, it'd probably be a really good idea if you explained to them what you're going to do first, before you do it!

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