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French Level 1
    Unité 12: Leçon 3f
    Les Phrases avec
    Le Verbe "AVOIR"
    By this time you are probably wondering why you had to learn all of those other body parts if all you were going to learn to talk about was "hair". Well, in this leçon you will be learning some ways to use other body parts in sentences, or to be a bit more precise, how to tell people if you, or someone else has an "ouchy" somewhere. The new phrase formula that we will be using is, "noun or pronoun + a form of "avoir" + the words, "mal à or mal au (the small word "au" pronounced, "oh" is only used before masculine body parts. When "au" is used, the word "le" is omitted.) + a part of the body". (*Note: watch out for the little "+" next to some of the words. These words are new!) Look at the chart and say these words with me:
Track 23
Avoir and "ouchies"  
J'ai mal à la tête. I have a headache
(I have bad at the head).
J'ai mal à l'estomac.+ I have a stomach ache
(I have bad at the stomach).
Il a mal à la gorge.+ He has a sore throat
(He has bad at the throat).
Elle a mal au bras
(we dropped the "le" before the word masculine word "bras" because of "au").
She has a sore arm
(She has bad at the arm).
    You can see that you can use any body part that you desire with the formula that I showed you, so if you want to continue practicing by making-up your own sentences, be my guest. When you've finished, you can go on to the Leçon! Bonne Chance!