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French Level 1
    Unité 13: Leçon 1c
    Dans La Maison:
    La Salle de Bains
    To begin our tour of each room, I thought that we should start with the most important room in the house, "La salle de bain" (the bathroom).

    Track 30

    *Note: There are several different names for the "type" of room "en français" that we are discussing in this leçon. Which name you use depends on what kinds of things are actually in the room. Look at the chart below and you'll see what I mean:

Track 31

"Personal Grooming Room" Names  
Room (en français) Furnishing requirements (en anglais)
La Salle de Bain
Must have a bathtub!
Usually contains sink(s)
May contain a toilet
Les Toilettes
*one toilet is "une toilet"
Contains a toilet(s)
No tub!
May contain sink(s)
Le W.C (Water Closet)
Contents same as "Les Toilettes"
Usually pronouced as though the French letter "W" were a French letter "V".

    C'est tout pour la salle de bain! Let's go on to the next room and the next Leçon!