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French Level 1
    Unité 13: Leçon 1f
    Dans La Maison:
    Le Salon
    Our second-to-last room is a room for greeting people formally. It is "Le Salon" (the Parlor, or as we say in the state of Utah where I come from: the Front Room).

    Track 34

    *Note: One of the really great things about "Le Salon" is that it is used to keep guests entertained that you don't want roaming around in your house. As I told you earlier, French people are VERY private and will not usually invite people into their homes that they do not feel that they can trust completely. There are very different levels of intimacy that are allowed among French people. These levels range from keeping a very far distance, which is usually kept for strangers (which often make French people seem cold or unfeeling to Americans). All the way to "Hey Dude, you're a part of the family!" and when I say "a part of the family" I mean it! If you reach this level of intimacy with a French person or family, you will be close for life (and you really get to see how AWESOME these people really are, too!)

    Only one more room left!