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French Level 1
    Unité 13: Leçon 1g
    Dans La Maison:
    La Chambre
    Our last room is "La Chambre" which happens to be "ma chambre!" I haven't cleaned it for a while so get ready, it's a little scary!

    Track 35

    Hey, I warned you it was scary!

    There you go! You are now officially finished "avec la tour de la maison!" However, you haven't finished studying "La Maison" because Mlle. "D" has prepared a sweet little assignment for you. As soon as you are finished with the assignment and you're ready to move on, my best friend, Gille will be coming to guide you through the next leçon as you take a vocabulary tour of the village!

    --Assignment will be to write sentences placing articles of furniture in their appropriate rooms--