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French Level 1
    Unité 14: Leçon 2a
    A Brief Introduction
    SALUT! Well, now that you are an expert on "some" French colors, you are about to discover how to talk about clothing! To do this, as well as the next few leçons, I thought that it would be a really fabulous idea to get someone to teach this subject who has a real, indepth understanding (as well as A TON) of fabulous French clothing. I would now like to introduce to you my WAAAAY AWESOME and EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL, INTELLIGENT, (you get the idea. I think she's the BEST) WIFE, Madame Charon!

    Des Vêtements
    Ciao! (That's Italian for "Hi!" "Ciao" is often used by French-speaking people in Switzerland because it is so close to the Italian border!) I am very excited to teach you all about clothing! Not only am I going to teach you the vocabulary (and such) that has to do with French clothing, I am also going to tell you about the best places to shop in Paris and yes, there will be a test on all of it, so hang on gang and pay close attention 'cause here we go!

    I have divided all of the clothes that we will be studying, into two groups: HIS and HERS. Let's begin with the biggest group, and the most fun to shop for, HERS!

    Say the words below with me:

    Des Vêtements Pour Femmes

    Track 51

    Next, let's add the words for the colors for each article of clothing and say them again!

    Des Vêtements Pour Femmes
    Avec Des Couleurs

    Track 52

    I'm sure you noticed that the color words go AFTER the clothing words. Do you remember why that is? Because the color has to take either a masculine or feminine form, to match the form of the noun that it follows. Colors, like all adjectives modify nouns. This isn't a big deal in English, but in French these words have to match!

    One more thing. Notice that if we have more than one of something, like "shoes" for example. Not only does the color have to become feminine to match with the word, "chaussures", it also has to become plural. The reason is simple enough. Since the noun "chaussures" is plural, the "adjective" which in this case is the color word, must ALSO be plural!

    Track 53

    Let's move on to the next leçon!