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French Level 1
    Unité 14: Leçon 2c
    Des Vêtements
    CIAO! You're back! I'm glad, because this leçon is where you will begin to learn to express yourself using clothing using the verbs, AVOIR and PORTER. (If you don't remember how these verbs work, check back to Unité 13, Leçon 1 for AVOIR information and Unité 8, the whole thing, for PORTER info.

    Say the following sentences with me:

    Track 55
    Des Phrases  
    J'ai des pantolons verts. I have some green pants.
    Tu portes une chemise bleue. You are wearing a blue shirt.
    Il a des chaussures noires. You translate this one into English!
    Nous portons des robes grises. Ditto!
    Vous avez trois chaussettes?! Ditto!
    Elles portent trois chaussettes jaunes! Ditto!