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French Level 1
    Unit 14: Leçon 5
    Le Verbe "Acheter"
    OK, this is where we really get down to business! I am going to teach you the correct usage of a verb that has quite a bit to do with shopping. This verb is Acheter.

    In order for you to be able to shop correctly, you really need to be able to talk about your purchases. The verb, Acheter makes it possible for you to accomplish this task. Look at the ending of this new verb. You'll notice that this is another "-er" verbs, however, this verb has one small difference. You will see what I mean in a moment.

    Look at the chart below and say these words and phrases with me:

    Track 60
    Des Phrases  
    J'achète I buy
    Tu achètes You buy (familiar)
    Il achète / Elle achète He buys/She buys
    Nous achetons We buy
    Vous achetez You buy (formal)
    Ils achètent / Elles achètent They buy (masc.) & (fem)

    You notice that with the je, tu, il, elle, ils, and elles forms of "ACHETER", the first "e" gains an accent grave (è) which changes the sound of the verb. This is because without this change, the verb form would be nearly impossible to pronounce (and it would sound very strange if you did try to pronounce it this way!).

    Let's try a few of sentences about clothing using the verb "ACHETER":

    Track 61
    J'achète des cravates longues!* I buy long* ties!
    Tu achètes des pantalons courts.* You buy short* pants.
    These are pants that are short, NOT shorts.
    Il achète des chaussures noires. He buys black shoes.
    Nous achetons des bijoux.* We buy jewelry.*
    Vous achetez les bracelets* petits. You buy small bracelets.*
    Elles achètent des chiens au zoo?! You translate this WEIRD one!
    *=New Word

    Great! In the next leçon (interlude), M. Charon has some other irregular "-er" verbs to share with you. When he has finished, I am going to give you all of the inside information about shopping in Paris! À bientôt!