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French Level 1
    Unit 14: Leçon 5, Interlude 1
    Des Verbes Irreguliers
    Yes, I am back! Did you miss me? Hey! What do you mean "No"? You're just kidding, right?

    In any case, before we move on, I thought that it might be a good time to show you some other irregular "-er" verbs that have the same "è" change as "ACHETER". They are:
    • Amener
    • Espérer


    • Préférer

    Look at and listen to the chart below and you'll know what I mean:

    Track 62
    Des Phrases  
    **J'amène Victoire. I bring Victoire.
    Tu préfères la robe verte. You prefer the green dress.
    Il espère danser avec Hélène. He hopes to danse with Hélène.
    Elles préfèrent les jupes bleues. They prefer the blue dresses.

    Two things to point out:

      **First, the verb "AMENER" means "to bring", as does the verb, "APPORTER". However, there is one major difference: "AMENER" is used when talking about bringing people, while "APPORTER" is used when discussing bringing objects. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER (did I say, NEVER) use the verb "APPORTER" to refer to a person. It is very insulting (for obvious reasons)! and vice-versa. Of course, the vice-versa isn't as serious, it just makes the user look silly by getting the words, and their meanings switched around!

      Second, verb forms that accompany the pronouns, "Nous" and "Vous" were deleted because these forms are regular (there's no change or addition of an accent grave to any of the letters "e").

      Now that you understand all of these important matters, let's return to our regularly scheduled French 1 Course as Madame Charon takes us shopping in Paris!