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Subject: French 1: Unit 1: 10 points

French Level 1: Unit 1

Reading & Writing (Typing) Assignment

Directions: Type the correct word or phrase into the appropriate area in each segment of the dialog. To receive full credit on the assignment you must include correct spelling and punctuation (except for accents). Each phrase is worth one point. You must type the entire phrase correctly to receive the point!

Good Luck!

1. Salut!
1. Comment tu t'appelles?
1. Comment t'appelles-tu?
2. Non, je ne suis pas françaises.

1. Tu es française?
1. Et, Luc. Tu es canadien, français, ou américain?
(Madame Bordeaux enters)
3. Bonjour!
(Madame Bordeaux exits)
3. Au revoir.
1. Au revoir, Luc.
2. A bientôt, Victoire.

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