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French Level 1
    Unit 3: Leçon 2
Les Jours de la Semaine
    Bonjour! So, you are ready to move on! Good!

    In this leçon, you are going to learn about les jours de la semaine, ou bien, en anglais, the days of the week.

    I will start this leçon with a VERY DIFFICULT QUESTION! Whenever you look at an English language calendar, what is always shown as the first day of the week? If you answered, "Sunday", you are right! Let us try another question. Which day is the last day? If your answer was "Saturday", you are right again! Now you are probably wondering the reason for this quiz? I will tell you. In French, the calendar does not begin and end with the same days as the English calendar. In French, we begin with Monday as our first day and finish with Sunday.

    Below are the days of the week shown "en français". Repeat them after me:

Track 24
lundi mardi mercredi jeudi vendredi samedi dimanche

    You have probably noticed that none of the words for the days of the week are capitalized. This may seem very strange to you since they are ALWAYS capitalized in English. The only time that such words are capitalized in French happens when they appear at the beginning of a sentence.

    Now, how do we ask what day it is?

    Track 25
    Quel jour est-ce?

    And how do we answer? Let's suppose it is "Friday" ("Vendredi"). We would say:

    Track 26
    C'est vendredi.

    Which means, "It's Friday."

    (Just in case you have forgotten what the contraction, C'est means in the above response, we will review it together in Leçon 4!)

    In our next leçon we will study the months of the year!

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