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Points Possible:

French Level 1: Unit 5

Reading & Writing (Typing) Assignment

Directions: Type the correct word or phrase into the appropriate area. Each word or phrase is worth one point.

Bonne Chance!

(8 points)

Directions: Type "ma" or "mon" and the word which describes how each person shown is related to Luc into the boxes below the pictures:



Les Nombres (5 points)

Directions: Type the correct word for each number shown into the boxes below:


L'Age (7 points)

Directions: Type the correct phrase to describe age in French for each equivalent given in English into the boxes in the chart below:

Quel âge as-tu? Quel âge avez-vous?
I am seventy-five years old.
You are eighty-seven years old.
He is seventy-two years old.
She is eighty-eight years old.
I am twenty-five years old.

DON'T FORGET to make certain that you have filled in all boxes including your full name at the top of the assignment!