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Points Possible:

French Level 1: Unit 6

Reading & Writing (Typing) Assignment

Directions: Type the correct word or phrase into the appropriate area. Each word or phrase is worth one point.

Bonne Chance!

Des Nourritures (10 points)

Directions: Type the correct words for the foods into the boxes below each picture:
(Note: Don't forget to include "un", "une", or "des"!)

Directions: Type the correct phrase to describe hunger, ordering food, etc in French for each equivalent given in English into the boxes in the chart below:

Are you hungry (Have you hunger)?
I am hungry (I have hunger).
I want a sandwich. (polite form)
Please, give me a sandwich.
I would like a pizza!
Thank you!

DON'T FORGET to make certain that you have filled in all boxes including your full name at the top of the assignment!