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French Level 1
    Unit 7: Leçon 2
    The French Monetary System
    When visiting another country, it is always nice to know how the monetary system works there. Previous to July 1, 2002, we had our own unique monetary system. All of that has changed. We are now using the Single European Currency or Euro system.

    I would now like you to take a look at the current exchange rates for the U.S. Dollar and the British Sterling compared to the Euro. Click on the link below. A new window will appear. I would like you to read the information on the new page. After you have finished reading, feel free to look at some of the other fun and interesting links on the WTG site. When you are ready to continue learning French, close the new window and follow the links on the bottom of this page to the next leçon where Luc will instruct you.

    World Travel Guide - France - Money

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