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Subject: French 1: Unit 7: 25 points

French Level 1: Unit 7

Reading & Writing (Typing) Assignment

Directions: Type the correct word or phrase into the appropriate area. Each word or phrase is worth one point.

Bonne Chance!

Les Nombres (10 points)

Directions: Type the correct word for each number shown into the boxes below:


Directions: Type the correct numeral for each number written into the boxes below:

trois cents

deux cents

quatre cents

six cents

huit cents

Au Café (5 points)

Directions: Correctly type the missing phrases from the dialog shown into the boxes below:

1. Ah, Monsieur Gille! Monsieur Luc!
   Comment allez-vous?
2. Très bien, mon ami! 3.
4. Que désirez-vous, aujourd'hui?
   s'il vous plaît!
6. Un café au lait.
   s'il vous plaît!
7a. Les prix ont changés! 7b.  
7c. Vingt et un francs (about $3.00) 7d. Ça marche!  
8. 9. Mais oui! Un soda, ummm, un Coca,
   s'il vous plaît.
10. Bon! Merci!    

Des Nourritures en Phrases (10 points)

Directions: Correctly type the missing French phrases that correspond to the English phrases shown into the boxes in the chart below:

Des Phrases  
Me too (also)!
A coffee with milk.
Yeah (But yes)!
A soda, ummm (denotes indecision) a Coke,...
Are you thirsty (You have thirst)?
I am thirsty (I have thirst).
a soft drink
a cup of tea (a tea)
a cup of hot chocolate (a hot chocolate)
orange juice (a juice of orange)

DON'T FORGET to make certain that you have filled in all boxes including your full name at the top of the assignment!

IMPORTANT! Be sure to read the information below after you have sent your assignment!

Félicitations! (Congratulations!) You have finished the first semester of French 1! The next step is to take the semester final. The final is oral and auditory (speaking and listening) and must be done by telephone. You will need to e-mail M. Charon at to set up a "rendez-vous" to take the test. Click on the "Information" button in the left frame and refer to the "Testing Information" link for a list of possible topics that may be discussed including other points of information that will aid you in your preparations for the test. Monsieur Charon is looking forward to speaking with you! Bonne Chance!

PS When you are ready to begin Unité 8, use the syllabus to access the first leçon!