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French Level 1
    Unit 8: Leçon 1c
    Verbs Ending in -ER
    Bonjour! Je m'appelle Monsieur LeBrun! Je suis le directeur (principal) au Lycée Van Damme. I am coach of some of our sports teams here at the school. Enough introductions. It's time to work!

    There are many sports that you play in your country. Some of them we play in French-speaking countries as well. I have made a marvelous picture for you of some of my personal favorites.

    Des Sports

    Track 68

    I know that there are many more sports than the ones in my picture, but as I said before, these are my favorites, so they are enough for you to learn at this time.

    Hey, why are you still here on this page? What are you waiting for? It's time to move on to the next leçon! Hurry, hurry, we are wasting time!

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