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French Level 1
    Unit 8: Leçon 3
    Verbs Ending in -ER
    OK! Let's see! At this point, you are now able to express a few things that you like to do, don't like to do, and down right hate to do! You can also say that you are in the process of doing something (by leaving out the verbs, aimer and détèster). Now, what happens if you want to discuss what someone else is doing?

    First, you need to remember the French words for "he" and "she" which are "il" and "elle" (first introduced in Unités 1 and 2). Next, we have to change the verb from the form ending with "r" to the correct ending that goes with the words "il" and "elle" which is simply an "e", (the same ending used for "Je" and "J'"!)

    Take a look at each of the pictures below (again!) and see what each of these kids are (still) doing. Say these words with me:

    Des Activités
    Let's start with Gilles again!
    Track 75
    Il mange des pizzas. Il écoute la radio. Il ne parle pas au téléphone.

    Then, Victoire.
    Track 75 (cont.)
    Elle danse. Elle nage. Elle n'étudie pas.

    And now, Marie-Catherine!
    Track 75 (cont.)
    Elle chante. Elle joue du piano. Elle ne regarde pas la télé.

    That's it for this leçon! Move on to the assignment. I will be waiting for you at the next leçon!

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