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Meet the Players

The Students:

Lucas Georges, age 15:

   Lucas is from the United States. He has been pestering his parents for what seems to them as "forever" to be able to go to Paris to attend high school. This year he finally gets his wish. Lucas will be attending the quaint, yet spacious, Lycée Van-Damme (named for the famous Belgian Kick-Boxer, Movie Star). Lucas couldn't be more pleased since he is a martial artist himself (having studied Tae Kwon Do since he was 7 years old) and he has high hopes of meeting the famous star while in Paris.
   Lucas has kept excellent grades and is a very good student. He hopes someday to be an airline pilot so that he can travel the world (and get paid megga bucks while doing it)!

Victoire Thibault, age 15:

   Victoire is from the Province of Québec in Canada. She has spent a large part of her life involved in ballet (since she was three years old). The Lycée Van-Damme has an excellent classical dance program (another of Monsieur Van-Damme's talents) and many young women chosen for membership in French companies which perform at the Paris Opéra Ballet have often been students who have studied at the Lycée.
   Like Lucas, Victoire is an excellent student academically, a fact that she hopes will improve her chances to become a part of the French professional ballet world.

Gille LaCroix, age 17:

   Gille is from the Island of Haïti. He is very interested in becoming a teacher of French and would eventually like to be a member of the Lycée faculty. He has spent countless hours trying to perfect his Parisian accent. In fact, he spends so much time on it, and speaks French so well, that many of the other students are somewhat intimidated by him.
   Gille keeps high grades. He has amazing leadership abilities and is very well-respected both by his instructors and his classmates.

Marie-Catherine Phan, age 16:

   Marie was born in a small village in northern Switzerland. Her parents are from Vietnam. Marie LOVES music! She plays the piano, sings, both as a soloist and in the school choir, dances, sings (did I mention that already?), you name it, she probably does it, did it, or could do it! She hopes someday to be with the Paris Opéra, or La Comédie Française, Paris' premiere theatre troup (she is also a wonderful actress)!
   Marie is an amazing whiz at academics, especially science and mathematics. She hopes to become famous and marry a rich American business man (Bill Gates would be good)!

The Faculty:

Monsieur B. Charon, ageless:

   M. Charon figures into this course both as an instructor AND as the "voice of interpretation". When he is not actively teaching the course, it is his job to keep us abreast of what is happening between scenes and to give us the objectives of the lessons and the English language equivalent of the French being taught. Look for his head to pop up just about anywhere throughout the course and be sure to read his information carefully or you might become lost and confused!

Madame Sylvie Bordeaux, age, early fifties:

   Mme. Bordeaux is the professor of dance at the Lycée. She is very strict and it is largely due to her influence and strenuous curriculum that so many of the school's students are able to grow enough in ability to become ballet professionals. Mme. Bordeaux has been a citizen of Paris all of her life.

Monsieur Armand LeBrun, age, mid-thirties:

   M. LeBrun is the extremely buff, stern, and intimidating soccer coach/principal at the Lycée. All of the students are very afraid of him because he has an air of "don't mess with me"all over him (he is also able to bite coin money in half with his bare teeth)! Needless to say, there are very few behavioral problems at the school!

Mademoiselle Monique Duprée, age, late twenties:

   Mlle. Duprée, or "D" as she is known by her students, is the professor of French/English. She plays a major role, much like Monsieur Charon, in presenting instruction for this course. She is very attractive, articulate, and intelligent. She expects a lot from her students, yet she is always fair. It is obvious to everyone that she LOVES her job. These qualities make her one of, if not the favorite teacher at the Lycée.