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Notes: Egyptian Gods

*Copy these notes and bring them with you to class on Monday, Sept. 16th.

*The quiz on these notes will be given on Wednesday, September 18th! Good Luck!


Born in a Lotus Flower


Creates other gods

--Spits them out of his mouth and names them:

Shu (god of the air) and Tefnut (goddess of moisture)
-- Both gods become lost, Ra plucks out one of his eyes, names it Hathor (who later becomes his daughter) to find them and bring them back to him. She does!

Shu and Tefnut

parent twins named Geb (god of the earth) and Nut (goddess of the sky)

Separation Story (4)


Males: Osiris, Haroeris, and Seth

Females: Nephthys and Isis

The Ennead : The nine gods


Secret Name of Ra (Sun God) (5)

Murder of Osiris (5)

Horus vs. Seth (3)

Eye of Horus (2)

Who's Who?

Osiris marries Isis = Horus

Seth marries Nephthys (no children)

Osiris and Nephthys = Anubis

Pharoah is Horus
--protects Egypt from chaos
--preserves maat

5 parts of Humans

Body, Soul (Ka), Spirit (Ba), Name, and Shadow (5)

Ka + Ba = Ankh (Eternal Life) Maat = see book pages 48-50