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Class Notes:

Neneh Cherry

Date of Birth: March 10, 1964


NC drops out of school at age 14. The following year she moves to Africa with her birth father

1980: at age 16 NC moves to London and becomes a Punk Artist. At differing intervals she is a member of the following bands:

At age 18 NC marries drummer of RR+P. They have a child together. They divorce three years later.

NC begins dating Cameron McVey who co-produces several songs on her first solo album: Raw Like Sushi (1989)

NC married CMV and moves to Sweden to live in the same place where she grew up

The couple begin working on her next album, Homebrew . It is not as popular in the mainstream music scene as Raw Like Sushi and it ends up being played mostly on alternative and college music radio stations.

In 1994, NC sings the song 7 Seconds, a song against racial prejudice, with Youssou N'Dour on his album, The Guide