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Majority and Minority Parties in America

(A group project worth 100 points)

PART I: Minority Party Issues (35 points)

Each group will find as much of the following information about its minority party as possible:

  1. Party Platform (the party's stand on issues that it deems to be important, such as education, welfare, etc.)
  2. Names of candidates, both confirmed and / or potential
  3. The history of the party (include all pertinent information)

PART II: Comparing the Democratic and Republican Parties (45 points)
(This activity also appears on page 127: "Chapter 5 Review Activity" in your textbook)

Visit the Web sites of the Democratic and Republican parties.

Find a current or recent platform for each party. Use the information to construct a chart comparing the two parties' positions on five major issues.

PART III: Group Presentations (30 points)

When finished with Parts I and II, each group will present its information about the minority party it studied to the class.
(The information in Part II will be discussed as a class and then turned into Mr. Charon for credit!)