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Birth Name: Howard Stern
Birthdate: January 12, 1954
Birthplace: Queens, NY
Occupation: Actor, Writer, TV/radio host
Quote: "The whole broadcasting industry and media don't know where to put
me. All I've done is be succesful, and yet I almost feel people expect [the
Private Parts] not to be succesful. They want me to fall flat on my ass."
Angeles Times, February 23, 1997

Claim to Fame: The king of all media hosts his own morning-radio show and is
start of hieponymous late-night E! Entertainment Television show

Significant Other(s):
Wife: Alison Stern (ne'e Berns), psychiatric social worker; bor 1955; met at
Boston University, marries June 4, 1978; has three daughters with Howard;
announced seperation October 23.

Father: Ben Stern, radio sound engineer; born 1923
Mother: Ray stern; born 1928
Sister: Ellen Dunn; born 1950
Daughter: Emily; born 1984
Daughter: Debra; born 1987
Daughter: Ashley; born 1993

1994: Ran for governor of New York on the libertarian ticket, but pulled out
of the race before the election day.

Boston University; graduated magna laude (B.S., 1976)