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Years ago in San Diego Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLounge, and Scott Raynor met in high school and decided to begin a band and name it Blink 182. Blink 182 has been none for their sense of humor and for great songs. In the beginnning they signed with Kung-Fu records and released an album named Buddha, but they weren't very well known. They later transferred to Cargo records and released another album title Chesire Cat, but still they weren't as well known as they would like to be.
Finally, after the release of their third album, "Dud Ranch" they began to be recognized in the world of music. After this success they toured and continued playing until Scott Raynor left the band. Nobody knows for sure why he left, but he left regardless.
Travis Barkeyeo took over and played drums for the band. He previously played for the Aquabats, but now plays drums very well as demonstrated on their new album "Enema of the State" and on their first single "What's my age again?"
Currently the band has decided to run for president......