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President: Mark Hoppus
Full name: Markus Allen Hoppus
Blink 182 relation: singer, bass player
Born: March 15, 1972
Marital status: open
Favorite band: jimmy eat world, River fenix
Favorite movie: caddy shack
Lives in Carmel Mountain Ranch, Ca
Spare time: fishes and plays playstation....nintendo
Pet: beagle named Ali

Vice President: Tom Delonge
Full name: Thomas Delonge
Blink 182 relation: back-up singer, guitar player
Born: December 13, 1975
Marital Status: girlfriend
Favorite band: menudo
Favorite movie: forrest gump
Lives in Encintas, Ca
Spare time: girlfriend
Pet: german shepard named Grey

Full name: Travis Landon Barker
Blink 182 relation: drummer
Born: nov 14, 1975
Marital Status: no girlfriend
Favorite Band: the police
Favorite movie: the Romance
Lives in Riverside Ca, home of the galleria at Tyler
drives, 66 coupe de vill cadillac convertible
spare time:run
Famous stars and straps, a belt and a belt buckle
company specializing in hot rode designs for boys and
girls, he also collects cadillacs and old bicycles
Pet: time a member of the inland empire underwear