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Crminal Justice

Group Presentations

The purpose of this project is to better familiarize students with criminals and the criminal justice system

Group Project Outline

I. Size: Groups are to have no more than

II. Subject Matter: The focus of the presentation information may be on an individual or an organization of criminals
from the 20th century
, OR on a type of crime, except for any of the following:

Serial Killers / Mass Murderers
Any information or persons involved in school shootings
Any information or persons involved in any type of sexual offense.

III. Visual Aides: Any of the following may be used:

Film Clips
Posters: these must be made by students in a montage format containing information about and if appropriate photos about the chosen subject (s).

IV. Length: All presentations must be
no less that eight minutes in length to receive full credit!
Points will be deducted for presentations that fall short on time. Presentations that are longer than eight minutes will be allowed without penalty.

V. Guest Speakers may be a part of the presentation. These will need to be cleared with your teacher and the school administration.

V. Outline: This is due ASAP. It should contain the following information:

The subject chosen by the group
The names of the members of the group
The assignments given to each group member

VI. Handout: This may contain information given in the presentation itself, or it may contain additional information about subject (s) covered in the presentation. Length: at least one page, typed, double-spaced.