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Disclosure Statement

Jordan High School

Mr. Tilby / Mr. Charon-American Problems

Course Objectives

  1. To get you excited about studying HISTORY!!

  2. To make history REAL and SIGNIFICANT by LIVING IT!

  3. To develop your skill in WRITING, SPEAKING, LISTENING, READING, and making historical connections.

  4. To help you to appreciate People, Ideas, Events, Sounds, Emotions and Objects from the past.

  5. To get you to FOCUS on the historical content and use your IMAGINATION to gain a greater historical perspective.

Basic Class Requirements:

  1. Always be prepared with a pencil or pen and paper.

  2. SMILE... BE ENTHUSIASTIC.. BE INVOLVED.. BE COURTEOUS.. participate in and contribute to the class. ASK?? ANSWER!! INFORM!! SUGGEST!! And ALWAYS PARTICIPATE and do the ASSIGNMENTS!!

Course Divisions:



The majority of this class is interactive, that is, students are active participants in LIVING the curriculum being studied. Past experience in this course has shown that students actually obtain a much better understanding of the U.S. court system, government process, feelings that persons under a repressive government experience, the negative effects of discrimination for any reason, and the pressures put on U.S. and world leaders (to accomplish goals and maintain a positive working relationship with others and/or world peace) by participating in these events than could ever hope to be achieved by any other teaching method. Since this portion of the class is the real culmination of study for the units in this course, the greatest part of the grade will come from participation in these simulations. Failure to do so will result in marked lowering of the grade and/or complete understanding of the course objectives.



Unit Quizzes (10-30pts each) will be given near the BEGINNING OF THE CLASS PERIOD. Unit quizzes will be announced several days in advance so that students may have adequate time to prepare for them. The content of these quizzes will cover information from the current unit of study.


Exams (60+pts) will be given at varying intervals thoughout the course. Exams will be announced several days in advance so that students may have adequate time to prepare for them. The content of these exams will cover information from the current unit of study.

To take a quiz or an exam a student must be present in class! Students who are tardy will begin the quiz or exam immediately after checking in with Mr. Tilby / Mr. Charon, however, they may not have sufficient time to complete the test. Students who are excused by the school administration only will be able to make up the test at a later date for full credit. Students who sluff class will not be allowed a make-up! Students who miss for other reasons will be dealt with on an individual basis.


Written work:

This is a very interactive class, however there will be times when written work will be required. These assignments are very simple and provide basic background understanding for each upcoming simulation!

Make-up Work:

If a student is absent (excused by the administration), when an assignment is due, they must turn it in by Friday of the following week. If a test was taken on the day the student was absent, he/she must make-up the test by Friday of the following week. If a student is present in class and chooses not to do his/her work at that time, the student WILL NOT be allowed to turn in the work for credit!

Extra Credit

Extra credit work will made available throughout each term. These options will be listed both on the class website and on PowerSchool with instructions. If a students chooses to do any extra credit work he/she MUST have ALL of his/her required work completed or the extra credit items WILL NOT count!


Attendance Policy:

It is important to attend regularly and be on time to succeed in this class! Tardies and unexcused absences will affect your grade (see grading chart below).

Points will be recorded daily as follows:

1. On time = +5

2. 1-10 minutes late = +4

3. 11-20 minutes late = +3

4. 21-30 minutes late = +2

5. 31- 40 minutes late = +1

6. 41+ minutes late, and/or unexcused absence/sluff = 0

*NOTE: Students with EXCUSED absences (an "G" on PowerSchool) will receive a score of "EX" or excused which does not affect the grade. Students with Unexcused Absences (an "A" on PowerSchool) or ANY absence during SIMULATIONS, FOR ANY REASON, will receive a score of "0".

Course Grading Procedure

The grading scale is as follows:

93-100% ................ A

90-92% .................. A-

87-89% .................. B+

84-86% .................. B

80-83% .................. B-

77-79% .................. C+


73-76% .................... C

69-72% .................... C-

65-68% .................... D+

61-64% .................... D

58-60% .................... D-

Below 58% .............. F

Grades are based upon:


20% - - TESTS



Class Web Site

Much of the information necessary to help students to be aware of class activities and student grades will be available through this web site, ie: some assignment due dates, video permission slips, and quite often other information that goes into more depth about many of the subjects covered in the class or in the textbook. From time to time assignments will be given to students (both required and extra credit) that will be centered around specific information found at the website with an option to e-mail work to Mr. Charon / Mr. Tilby. Students may access the class website at the school library or at any public library if an internet connection is not readily available at home.

The website address

for Mr. Charon's classes is

for Mr. Tilby's classes is

Please feel free to contact:

Mr. Tilby by phone at 256-5500, in person or by e-mail at

Mr. Charon by phone at 256-5500, in person or by e-mail at

Please sign below and return this disclosure statement to Mr. Tilby / Mr. Charon

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