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UNIT 5: American Foreign Policy Menu Cold War Part I Terms Korean War Activity

American Problems
Mr. Tilby / Mr. Charon



The Korean War

1. North Korea was supported by which nations?

2. South Korea was supported by which nations?

3. Why did North Korea invade South Korea?

4. What organization sent troops?

5. Name three other countries besides the U.S. that came to South Korea's defense:

6. who was the American General in charge?

7. What is the significance of Inchon?

8. What did MacArthur want to do to China?

9. How many Chinese came over the border as "volunteers"?

10. Why was MacArthur finally relieved of command?

11.Who was the American president at the start of the Korean War?

12. Who was the president when the war ended?

13. What was the set up as the new boundary between the countries?

14. How long did the war last?

15. How many Americans died in the Korean War?