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UNIT 3: The Holocaust Menu The Jews The Nazis Artifacts Internet Activity


American Problems

Unit 3: The Holocaust

Internet Activity (32 points)

Directions: Answer each of the following questions on a separate sheet of paper from links and information found at the class web site

Part I:

The Jews

Roots of Anti-Semitism

A Brief Synopsis (4 points)

1. Briefly define Anti-Semitism:

2. What basic belief of Judaism differed from that of the Romans?

3. Which horrible disease of the Middle Ages was blamed on the Jews?

4. What type of money-making activity were many Jews involved in, that helped the Christians and yet was condemned by Christian leaders?

Kristallnacht (4 points)

5. Define and explain Kristallnacht : (what was it, when did it happen, why did it happen, what does the term Kristallnacht mean when translated into English)

JEWS IN POLAND (3 points)

6. Directions: From the information contained in these three articles, write a summary of the effects of the Holocaust on the Polish Jews:

Death Camps

Operation Reinhold (3 points)

7. After which famous Nazi officer was this extermination named?

8. List the three main death camps constructed under this plan and explain how deaths were carried out in each one, prior to the usage of the large gas chambers:

9. Why did Heinrich Himmler decide to cover-up all existence of these camps and what steps did he take to begin this cover-up?

Sobibor (1 point)

10. Describe one of the ways which the Nazi officers would degrade and demoralize the workers in Sobibor by terrorizing them:

Famous Rescuers

Oskar Schindler (2 points)

11. Describe what type of a man Oskar Schindler was and how he saved 900 Jews from being killed in Nazi death camps:

Raoul Wallenberg (3 points)

12. Describe, as briefly as possible, Raoul Wallenberg's Jewish rescue operation:

Part II:

The Nazis (12 points)

13-16. For each of the four Nazi officials on this site (not Hitler) briefly recount:

How each came to be a part of the Nazi party
What function each served in the Nazi party
The circumstances surrounding the deaths of each person

1999 Mr. Charon, except for background which is captured video from "Escape from Sobibor" featuring Rutger Hauer, 1987