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1. What was the name of the people of Crazy Horse? What did this name mean?

2. From which tribe did Crazy Horse steal horses? How old was he?

3. Who was the Sioux warrior that led a war against American settlers in 1865-66? Which tribe was he from? Which famous fort did he attack in 1867?

4. What was it that Crazy Horse refused to have taken?

5. To what place did General Custer lead a surveying party, where he discovered gold?

6. What other famous Native American tribe were allies of Crazy Horse's people?

7. What other two Sioux Chiefs did Crazy Horse join forces with?

8. What famous US General did Crazy Horse fight at the Battle of the Little Big Horn?

9. Who was the General that pursued Crazy Horse in mid 1870's?

10. When did Crazy Horse finally surrender to the US (date)?

11. Who was the General that arrested Crazy Horse in Sept. 1877?

12. Briefly explain the reason why Crazy Horse left the reservation? What did General Crook think that he was going to do? How did he finally die?

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