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*NOTE: All of the following names are links to the internet pages containing the information needed to complete that section of the assignment.

Stephen F. Austin (1793-1836)

1. Why is Austin known as "The Father of Texas"?

2. What famous college did Austin attend?

3. What site did Austin select for his colony?

4. Austin played an important role as an _________________ between his colonists and the Mexican Government?

5. In your opinion was Austin a persuasive person? Briefly explain the reasons for your answer (give an example from the article)

Juan Seguin (1806-1890)

6. What active role did Seguin play in the Texas revolution?

7. Following the Texas Revolution, what action taken by anglos shocked the tejano residents of Texas?

8. After defeating the Mexican expedition what did the commander tell the Texas anglos? Did they believe him?

9. What did the anglos do to Seguin?

10. Briefly describe one event that happened to Juan Seguin after he left Texas:

Sam Houston (1793-1863)

11. Houston spent much of his childhood among which Native American peoples?

12. Name one of the many political offices that Houston held prior to 1829:

13. Why did Houston return to live with the Cherokee in 1829?

14. In what year did Houston become president of Texas? What important things did he do for the Republic of Texas?

15. Was Houston in favor of, or against Texas becoming a part of the Confederacy?

Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna (1794-1876)

16. What type of legacy did Santa Anna leave to Mexico?

17. At what age did Santa Anna begin his career in the army?

18. In what year did Santa Anna first become president of Mexico? How many times between the years of 1833-1855 did Santa Anna serve as president?

19. Briefly relate the story of the left leg of Santa Anna:

20. What did Santa Anna do that united liberal opposition against him?

James K. Polk (1795-1849)

21. Polk was the _________th president of the United States?

22. Polk was the protege of which other US president?

23. What helped to save Polk's political career and also gained him the Presidential nomination in 1844? Did Polk follow through with this plan when he won the election?

24. Briefly explain what incident Polk used to obtain a declaration for war against Mexico and why Polk really wanted this war to take place:

25. What issue eventually darkened the nation's expansionist prospects?

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