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1. What military rank did Custer hold during the Civil War?

2. What kind of Civil War soldier was Custer?

3. In 1867, Custer was convicted of what two offenses?

4. What mistake did Custer make at Washita?

5. Who lost to the Indians at the Battle of Rosebud?

6. What was Custer's wife's name?

7. Before the Battle of the Little Big Horn, why did Custer not believe his scouts about the size of his army?

8. What weakened his position as he advanced upon the Indian forces?

9. Based on her poem Custer, what did Ella Wheeler Wilcox think of Custer?

10.If you had been alive in 1876, would you have been saddened or gladdened by the news of the events of the Battle of the Little Big Horn?

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