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1. Jason Lee was a member of what Christian religion?

2. The majority of the first Americans to arrive in Oregon Territory were sent by which churches?

3. In trying to bring Christianity to the Indians, the missionaries founded the first permanent ______________.

4. In what way were the missions viewed the same way as the trading posts and forts?

5. Capt. Jonathon Green was dispatched to explore the Oregon coast to obtain what information?

6. Why did the Flathead Indians travel to St. Louis to find William Clark?

7. Who asked the Methodist Mission Board and the ABCFM to establish a mission among the Flathead people?

8. Who was chosen to lead a caravan to Oregon? How old was he?

9. On what date did they leave? With what Party did they travel?

10. The first Protestant sermon was delivered in the Oregon Country on what date?

11. What event took place following the sermon? What tragic incident took place at during this event?

12. Name the place where Jason Lee founded a school to educate the local Indians:

13. How many Indian students attended the school the first year? How many were left at the end of the year? In 1836 how many students were there at the school? How many of the students eventually converted to Christianity?

14. What happened in the Willamette Valley that caused the missions to be shut down?

15. What did Lee complain to Dr. Fisk about in the letter that he wrote to him in March of 1836?

16. Who did Jason Lee place in charge of the Dalles mission?

17. What was the name of the above mentioned mission?

18. Name one of the changes that happened in the life of Jason Lee during the year of 1838:

19. How long did Lee remain in New England recruiting settlers? Was he successful?

20. In July 1843, who replaced Lee as the leader of the mission? Why was Lee replaced?

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