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CHINA-Final Test

This Test is worth a total of (30 points)
Part I: Matching (1 point each)

Column I Column II
___1. vessels made with this caused people to go crazy

___2. desert area in China

___3. the rise and fall of dynasties

___4. the two forces of the Universe

___5. popular Chinese philosopher

___6. grandson of Genghis Khan

___7. communist Chinese leader

___8. the second Chinese Dynasty

a. Confucius

b. Kublai Khan

c. dynastic cycle

d. Zhou

e. Mao Zedong

f. yin yang

g. lead

h. Gobi

Part II: Definitions (Choose any 3 of the following) (3 points each)

a) List the three main items for which the Qin (Chin) Dynasty is most famous and explain why these items were so significant to the Chinese:

b) List each of the early Chinese dynasties in order from Shang through Ming

c) Describe how the Tang & Song dynasties benefited China:

d) Describe how the Ming Emperors tried to restore Chinese culture:

Part III: Tibet (2 points each)
This information can be found at

11. List one of the methods that the Chinese gov't is using to gain control of the Tibetan peoples, lands, & culture:

12. Who do Tibetan Buddhists believe the Dalai Lama to be?

13. What is the significance of the Panchen Lama to the people of Tibet and to the Chinese Gov't?

14. Name one famous Hollywood actor who is involved in the movement for Tibetan Rights:

Part IV: True / False (1 point each)

____16. China is no longer a communist country today.

____17. Opium was a famous female general of China.

____18. The Opium War was fought between the countries of China and England.

____19. Hong Kong is now under British control.

____20. The Cultural Revolution was started by Chairman Mao Zedong.

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