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Virtual Tours & Info


A Brief Tour of China

A Trip to Beijing

Hong Kong

Dreams of Tibet

Travel to Tibet

Famous People
Jiang Jieshi

Mao Zedong

Jiang Zemin

The Dalai Lama: Biography

The Dalai Lama: Discovery

The Panchen Lama

Jackie Chan: Short Bio

Jackie Chan Official Web Site

Jackie Chan Kung Fu School

Michelle Yeoh

Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee: Jeet Kune Do

Religion / Philosophy
   Introduction to Buddhism
   Introduction Shaolin
   Shaolin History
   Confucius and Confucianism
   The Taoism Info Page
Language: Mandarin
   Jiang Zemin in Chinese
   Other names in Chinese
Current Events
   Chinese News
   Chinese History Links
   Terra Cotta Warriors
Movies: Tibet

Class Information
   Test Information:
Coming Soon!
   Extra Credit:
Internet Assignment

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