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Test Hints:

Final: China (50 points)

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You now have the definite advantage of knowing before hand the format for the Final on China. To do well on this Final, be sure to study each of the following:

  1. The major events that took place during the Ancient Dynasties of China (This would include knowing during which dynasty the building of the Great Wall and the tomb containing the terra cotta soldiers took place, etc)

  2. Buddhism & Tibet


  1. Be familiar with the history of the Dynasties of Ancient China

  2. Read through sections that cover information about China. Look at the section review questions and be sure that you can answer them! (You can find this information in the "Table of Contents" portion at the front of your book!)


As with most of the tests given in class, a few items will be provided for extra credit. These answers will be worth 1pt for each name and 1pt for each title: (total value = 8pts.) You may respond to as many or as few of these items as you choose.

    On the extra credit portion of the test, some pictures will be shown. Blank lines will appear to the right of each of these pictures. You will need to write the correct name AND / OR title of the person in the photograph on the lines next to that person's picture. The pictures, titles, and names of these people appear below:

Tenzin Gyatso
The Dalai Lama

Gedhun Nyima
The Panchen Lama

Michelle Yeoh

Jackie Chan

Jiang Zemin
President of China