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Test Hints:

Final: Greece (50 points)

To do well on this Final, be sure to study each of the following:

    • The Notes on Greek Mythology (This part will consist mainly of the information about the Greek gods and goddesses, and the 5 Ages.)

  2. VIDEOS: Info about:

    • Troy; ie: what country it is in & the main characters seen in the video.

    • Atlantis; ie: what was the ancient name of the island believed to be Atlantis.

  3. BOOK:

    • Read through Chapter 5. Look at all of the section review questions and be sure that you can answer them!


    As with most of the tests given in class, a few items will be provided for extra credit. These answers will be worth 3 points each. You may respond to as many or as few of these items as you choose.

    1. Why was it so important to many Greeks to perform great deeds that could be recorded by historians? (So that they would not be forgotten when they died)

    2. What was the name of the German curator who spent many years searching for the treasures of Troy? (Klaus Goldman)

    3. In which country did he eventually locate the treasure? (Russia)