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Japan-Final Test

(worth 100 points total)

Write the Japanese word for each of the following phrases:

1. Ruler, descendant of the Sun Goddess:

2. Feudal Landowner:

3. Barbarian-Subduing General:

4. Name used for Japanese warriors:

5. Warrior who owes no allegiance to any landowner:

6. Spies with special skills that were used by warrior clans:

7. Name of theater where actors wore masks:

8. Name of theater for the common people of Japan:

9. Name for men who portrayed women in the Japanese theater:

10. Special make-up used by male actors to help in their attempt to look like women:


Give a one sentence definition for each of the following terms:

11. Dohyo:

12. Rikishi:

13. Yokozuna:

14. Mawashi:


List the English equivalent of each of the following:

15. kosshi jutsu:

16. ju tai jutsu:

17. tai hen jutsu:

18. jumbi undo:


Explain the meaning for the following

19. Giri:

20. Ainu :

21. Hokkaido:

22. Jimmu Tenno:

23. Tokugawa Family:

24. Budo:

25. Yayoi:

C. Matching
26. _____ Bushido

27. _____ Sohei

28. _____ Naginata

29. _____ Katana

30. _____ Nature Kami

31. _____ Edo

a. Long pole with curved blade on one end

b. Code of the Samurai

c. Spirits in rivers, mountains, etc.

d. Warrior Monks

e. Tokyo

f. Long sword

D. Composition

Directions: Write a short paragraph about three of the following. Be sure to include all information of which you are aware!

32. Prince Yamato
33. Ninja Hand Signs
34. The Forty Years of Ninjutsu Growth
35. The Changes in Samurai Fighting Styles
36. The Origin of Sumo
37. Samurai sword making
38. The Atomic Bomb raids on Hiroshima / Nagasaki

E. True or False

39. _____ Matabei Mototsugu Goto was a famous actor.

40. _____ On Valentine's Day, women give chocolates to men.

41. _____ In Japan cars drive on the left and have their steering wheel on the right.

42. _____ Baseball is probably the most popular sport in Japan today.

43. _____ Japan attacked Pearl Harbor on December 6, 1941.

44. _____ Bo-jutsu is a martial art using a staff.

45. _____ The World Cup 2002 will be co-hosted by Japan and Korea.

46._____ Master swordsmen established schools to teach their style of ken-jutsu in the 1400s.

47. _____ English guns were introduced into Japan in 1542 A.D.

48. _____ According to the Chinese Zodiac, Dog people are very outgoing at parties.

F. Fill in the Blank

49. The green tea used in the Japanese Tea Ceremony is called _________________

50. Name the eight steps taken in the creation of a (Noh) Hannya Mask.

_____________________, ____________________, ______________________,

_____________________, ____________________, ______________________,

_____________________, and _______________________.

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