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*NOTE: If you have visited this page previously, be sure to read through the entire page for new changes / additions!

Test Hints:

This unit on Latin America will consist of the following quizzes and test:

(1st, 4th, & 7th Periods Only)


  1. Quiz - The Aztecs (36 points): Friday, Jan.8th

    This quiz will be contain information from the notes taken in class on Mon, Jan.4th or Tues, Jan.5th.

  2. Quiz - The Mayas, Aztecs, & Incas (26 points): Friday, Jan.15th

    This quiz will contain information given in class during the days of January 11th-14th. This information will be taken from notes and videos only!


    You will need to know the following information about the symbol at right:

    1. The name of the culture in which this symbol is found
    2. Who wore it: The priests-around their necks
    3. These priests presided over all religious rites for the community

  3. Test (This is the Big One!): *Tuesday, Jan.26th /Wednesday, Jan.27th

    This test will contain information (that will be found in your textbook only) about modern day Latin America. This information can be found by reading:

    1. (1st, 4th, & 7th periods) all of Chapter 37 (80 points)

    2. (2nd & 8th periods) Chapter 30, section 3 (30 points)

    *Hint: Don't forget to check your knowledge of the information you have read by answering in your mind the questions at the end of the above listed sections!


      The extra credit portion of this test will consist of two parts:

      On Part I some questions will be asked pertaining to the persons pictured below. These questions will all be in a fill-in-the-blank format. *They will be:

      1. ________ ___________'s body was moved around by different political factions for over 40 years.

      2. __________ __________'s career was nearly ended by motor vehicle collision.

      3. ________ ____________ began performing at age 10 in a group called, LOS CHICOS , and is currently co-starring in the film, Dance With Me with Vanessa Williams.

      4. __________ ___________ was born in Spain and has worked with many famous people including Sylvester Stallone and Tom Hanks and is often compared to famous Latin star, Rudolph Valentino.

      5. __________ __________ has done a lot of acting as well as singing and is probably best known by American audiences for playing the part of Miguel Morez on television's, GENERAL HOSPITAL, while many Latin music lovers first remember this artist as a part of the child band, MENUDO.

        *Answers to the above questions can be found by searching the articles about the Famous People on the main page!

      On Part II some pictures will be shown. Blank lines will appear below each of these pictures. You will need to write the correct name of the person in the photograph on these lines. The pictures and names of these people appear below:

    Eva Peron Antonio Banderas Gloria Estefan Ricky Martin Luis Miguel Chayanne