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The Middle East

Web Site Assignment

Directions: Respond to the following items on a seperate piece of paper. Each item is worth one point unless otherwise indicated (71 points total):

Syria Homepage

Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia



Education & Human Services

An Intro to Islam

Muslim Contributions to Science



Main Pillars

List the definition of each of the following pillars of Islam:

Other Religions


  • What greeting do Muslims exchange when meeting each other?

  • Explain the concepts of Muslim self-defense and Jihad:


    • What are the two main domains of law? (2 points)


  • What does the term "Sunnah" mean in Islam?


    • Do Muslims believe in religious tolerance? Why or why not?


    • Were women placed in higher or lower esteem in most instances in ancient Islam than in the rest of the ancient world?

    Islamic Vocabulary

    Write the Islamic word for each of the definitions listed below:

    • The sacred text of Islam:

    • A city in Saudi Arabia, birthplace of Muhammad, founder of Islam:

    • An Islamic place of worship, literally "place of prostration" (in prayer):

    • The cube-like shrine in the courtyard of the Sacred Mosque in mecca, toward which Muslims face in daily prayer:

    • The Supreme Being (the God) of Islam:

    • The religious faith of Muslim, literally, "submission" (to God):

    Extra Credit:

    Arabic Language

    • Greet Mr. Charon / Mr. McNiven before class or in the hall by saying hello in Arabic (5 points)

    • Say good-bye to Mr. Charon in Arabic (5 points)

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