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Test Hints:

Final: South Asia (50 points)

This site contains information for the following classes being taught by Mr. Charon:
You now have the definite advantage of knowing before hand the format for the Final on South Asia. All questions will be taken from the following sources:

  1. Ancient India and Hinduism: (You will want to be familiar with all aspects of Hinduism. Be sure to know the stories of the avatars of Vishnu!)

  2. Gandhi-Theory of Resistance: (Know the two types of resistance used by Gandhi and the Hindu word for "truth force". Know also about the rule of Indira and Rajiv Gandhi. This information can be found by clicking on the pictures of Indira and Rajiv at Mr. Charon's "India" Site.


  1. If you paid attention during the movie you should not have any trouble with this part.

EXTRA CREDIT: As with most of the tests given in class, a few items (questions, pictures, etc.) will be provided for extra credit. You can find the answers to all of these items through links listed on Mr. Charon's "India" website.

  1. What were the names of the three authors that Gandhi studied while in England during the time that he was attending law school, that formulated the basis for his Theory of Resistance? (Click on the picture of Gandhi for this info: value is 1pt. for each name)

  2. What is the name of the Indian martial art form that uses the phrase "kara-te" and which is believed to have travelled into Japan with Buddhist monks?(Click on the pictures underneath the heading, "Martial Arts": value is 1pt.)

  3. Name any three prime ministers of India besides Nehru, Indira, or Rajiv: (Click on the "List of Prime Ministers" for this information: value is 1pt. for each name)

  4. Last of all, some pictures will be shown. Blank lines will appear underneath each of these pictures. You will need to write the correct name of the person in the photograph on the lines underneath that person's picture. The pictures and the names of these people appear below: These answers will be worth 2 pts. each. You may choose only two.

    Benazir Bhutto

    Indira Gandhi

    Rajiv Gandhi

    Hanuman, the Monkey God



As for Mr. McNiven's classes, all we can say is: Good Luck!

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