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The American West

Part I: Brief Answers

1. Who was President during the time of the Lewis & Clark expedition?

2. How is it believed that Meriwether Lewis died?

3. The part Native American son of William Clark was a member of which tribe?

4. What is the significance of the designs painted on shields by Native American warriors?

5. Who was the famous General of the 7th Cavalry that was killed at Little Big Horn?

6. What famous US Military Leader found gold in the Black Hills?

7. How did gunman Wild Bill Hickok die?

8. What was Buffalo Bill's real name?

9. What was the nickname given to gold hunters when gold was first discovered?

10. The Alamo is in which state?

11. What nickname was given to the brother of Tecumseh?

12. Explain the curse that the brother of Tecumseh invoked?

13. Which U.S. President bought what we know as the Louisiana Purchase from Napoleon Bonaparte of France?

14. What did Sequoyah do for the Cherokee that made him so famous?

15. The Dog Soldiers were warriors from which Native American tribe?
16. What famous animal did the Europeans reintroduce into the Americas?

17. How long did the Pony Express last (number of months)?

18. What was the secret of "Old Charley" Parkhurst?

19. Name one country besides the US where gold miners come from?

20. What was it that Crazy Horse refused to be taken?

Part II: Multiple Choice

21. Which of the following was a member of the Dog Soldiers?

     a. Roman Nose    b. Sitting Bull    c. Black Kettle

22. Which of the following members of the Donner Party lost all of his family?

      a. Patrick Breen    b. William Eddy    c. James Reed

23. Which of the following members of the Donner Party survived with all of his family?

      a. Patrick Breen    b. William Eddy    c. James Reed

24. Marcus and Narcissa Whitman went West to

      a. pan for gold    b. open a stagecoach company    c. be missionaries for the Indians

25. The Mormon Pioneers went west

      a. to find the Whitmans    b. looking for gold    c. for religious freedom

26. In order to develop a stronger republic the Tejanos (Hispanic Texans)

      a. built bigger farms    b. allowed US settlers into Texas    c. gave land to Indians

27. The Battle of the Alamo was fought at

      a. an ancient Spanish fortress    b. a ranch    c. An old Spanish mission

28. Who was the first man to die inside the Alamo by taking a bullet in the forehead?

      a. William Travis    b. Davy Crockett    c. Jim Bowie

29. What famous Tennessee Senator was believed to have been captured at the Alamo?

      a. William Travis    b. Davy Crockett    c. Jim Bowie

30. What was the name of the man who led a "mapping expedition" into California?

      a. Daniel Boone    b. Sam Houston    c. John Charles Fremont

31. Which of the following was a member of Buffalo Bill's "Wild West" Show

      a. Sitting Bull    b. Wild Bill Hickok    c. Annie Oakley

32. Toward which direction did the Central Pacific Railroad Line build?

      a. East    b. West    c. North

33. Chief Sitting Bull was a member of which Indian tribe?

      a. The Sioux    b. The Cheyenne    c. The Nez Perce

34. Brigham Young was a leader of which religious group?

      a. Methodists    b. Mormons    c. Lutherans

Part III: More Brief Answers

35. Name one of the war chiefs of the Sioux or Cheyenne discussed in class :

36. The name, "Lakota" means:

37. Other Indian peoples called the Lakota by a different name. It was the Sioux which meant:

38. Tell why Custer's eardrums were punctured following his death:

39. Tell why in many cases the Native American warriors mutilated the bodies of the people that they killed (this may include the scalping of victims):

Part IV: True / False

40._____  Crazy Horse was a member of the Northern Cheyenne.

41._____  Black Kettle was killed at "The Battle of Sand Creek".

42._____  Roman Nose was a famous warrior leader of the Dog Soldiers.

43._____  "The Battle of Rosebud Creek" was known by the Indians as "The Battle Where the Sister Saved Her Brother".

44._____  The Cheyenne split into two groups to follow the herds of buffalo that had also split up.

45._____  Abraham Lincoln was President of the US when "The Battle of the Little Big Horn" took place.

46._____  Belle Starr was was married more than twice.

47._____  Billy the Kid was killed by Jesse James

48._____  Jesse James was killed by Billy the Kid

49._____  One of the Dalton Brothers lived after taking 18 bullets.

50._____  Chief Black Kettle had a vision of "Little Big Horn" before it happened.

You may either give Mr. Charon your answer sheet in person or you may send your test answers to Mr. Charon by cutting and pasting them into an "E-mail" letter. All Final Test answers must be turned in to Mr. Charon before Wednesday, May 31st at 9:30 a.m. to receive credit! No exceptions!

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