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Directions: Click on the line of each of the questions below to find the answer for that line

1. Why was the Pony Express started?

2. How long did the Pony Express last (start to finish dates)?

3. How much did it cost to send a letter?

4. What famous speech did Haslam, a Pony Express rider, deliver?

5. How many total miles did Pony Express riders cover?

6. What was their record for the quickest delivery?

7. What were some of the "experiences" of Buffalo Bill?

8. How relay stations were on the Pony Express route? How often did they change horses?

9. What were some of the rules that Plains travelers were encouraged to follow?

10. Why do you believe that Ben Holladay wanted to take over the Pony Express? What was his usual method of wiping out his competition? Is this method ever used today? Think of a possible example:

11. During the 1850's and 60's how many Concord carriages did Wells Fargo own? How many horses?

12. What was the secret of "Old Charley" Parkhurst?

13-17. Choose any 5 Pony Express Riders and write a brief account of his adventures (3 points each)

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