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Notes Napoleon Day 1
Discuss these notes AFTER the video:
Napoleon Bonaparte, The Battle of Austerlitz-JSD #12438 (45min)

Ask as questions:
Why does N. say that he "knew no more about military strategy after 60 battles than he knew at the beginning. A: reading history
Napoleon was born in which country? Corsica
How did N. overcome superior #s? Strategy
At age 30 N. became 1st consul-the supreme head of the republic
A new constitution allowed N. to appoint Gen. Jud. Mag
Which campaign showed N. at his greatest? Austerlitz
Austerlitz first clear proof that warfare had changed.
N. made detail work for him rather than overcome him.
N. had a great ability to exploit geography
N. promoted nat'lism. Worked for him at first, then later against him as other countries began to feel nat'lism.
N. had great victories w/ great losses
N. banished to Elba & tries to kill himself w/ poison
N. returns to France and begins old tricks. He is defeated at the Battle of Waterloo & is again banished, this time to the island of ST. Helena
Body brought to Paris after death & is placed in red marble tomb & is on display at
Les Invalides
N. is now considered a great French hero
N.'s military & political triumphs made him a great commander
N. considered to be foremost soldier in European history
N. is first dictator in modern world history
2nd movie: Napoleon: The End of a Dictator-JSD #12644 (26min)