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Notes Post WWI-Pre WWII Day 1

Post-WWI Britain, France, U.S.
Lack of jobs for vets
War debts

1925-Locarno, Suisse
Set boundaries for Germany

1928-Kellog-Briand Pact
Renounces War
Powers reduce navies,not armies
-Not enforceable-
(ie: Japan invades Manchuria-1931 League of Nations upset-cannot do anything about it!)

Recovery & Collapse

United States

The 1920's
most powerful nation
-new inventions
-buying on credit
(installment buying)
-older generation
-want to return to the old way of life before 1914
-Younger generation
-new fads
-flagpole sitting
-swallowing live goldfish

The 1930's

Stock Market Crash-Oct.1929
-overproduction of farm goods
-increased wages-industrial workers-strike
-stocks bought on credit become worthless
-Banks closed-(runs)
People starving
Try to exclude world trade-tariffs-destroys U.S. world market
Limit immigration
Presidents of this period
Hoover & Hooverisms (3)
Franklin Roosevelt-1932
New Deal-increased gov't control
-communist scare- "Red Scare"

Gov't rule-three parties
Continue fight with Ireland-w/IRA
Want to be kind to Germany
Upsets France

Rapid recovery-German reparations
Depression not as serious-
more small businesses
coalition gov't.-multiple party
Maginot Line
-set up as a "defense" against German aggression
imagined protection

Strict observance to Versailles Treaty