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Notes: WWI Day 1

20th Century

World War I: 1914-1918



Ottoman Empire=Central Powers

Short term event that starts WWI Many Slavs want to have a unified state (Serbia)-Bosnia Archduke of A.H., Francis Ferdinand & his wife visits Bosnia on June 28-(Day of Symbolism for Serbs) Gavrilo Princip: Joins terrorist group, the Black Hand The Black Hand tries to assassinate Archduke w/a bomb-Attempt fails (5)

2nd assassination attempt successful: Gavrilo kills F.F. & wife

Austria retaliates

Puts harsh demands on Serbia
Serbs don't comply so-
Austrians declare war on Serbia
w/ German approval <German blank check for aide to A.H.>

Serbs appeal to ally Russia for help
Russians mobilize for war
Germans warn Russians to stop-Russians ignore them
Germany declares war on Russia

Russia asks France for aide
France promises "blank check" aide to Russia
Germany warns France to remain neutral
French refuse-Germany declares war on France

Germany & A.H. & Ottoman Empire forced to fight 2 wars:
one on the Eastern Front <eastern side> against Russia
one on the Western Front <western side> against France (5)

Treaty of Versailles

Big Three:
U.S: Woodrow Wilson
France: Georges Clemenceau
Great Britain: Lloyd George


1. Germany pay reparation costs to France & other countries
2. Germany must return Allsace & Lorraine to France <tell about this rivalry>
3. Three new countries created: Czech, Austria, & Hungary
4. Agreements w/Russia & Japan not honored <control of Slav states and parts of China, respectively