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Disclosure Statement

Jordan High School

Mr. Charon-U.S. History


Course Statement

The purposes of this course are to expand the views of class members by:

Course Grading

Grading will be divided into the following sections:


Quizzes (20-50pts each) will be given at the BEGINNING OF THE CLASS PERIOD on days following a homework reading assigned from the student text. The content of these quizzes will be about information from the reading assignment.
Exams (100pts) will be given at varying intervals thoughout the course. Exams will be announced several days in advance so that students may have adequate time to prepare for them.
To take a quiz or an exam a student must be present in class! Students who are tardy will begin the quiz or exam immediately after checking in with Mr. Charon, however they may not have sufficient time to complete the test. Students who are excused will be able to make up the test at a later date for full credit. Students who sluff class will not be allowed a make-up! Students who miss for other reasons will be dealt with on an individual basis.


Each student will be given reading assignments on a near daily basis. These readings are homework and are given in order to supply the student with the background information s/he will need to be in all ways a successful and active participant in the class.

Projects and Assignments

Projects and Assignments wil be on varyng topics and will require work done largely inside of class. Content expectations and grading procedures for each project or assignment will be discussed in class before students begin working.

Journals (spiral notebook preferred)

Each student will keep a journal in which s/he will write on selected topics. Topics to be written about will be discussed in class. Each student will be expected in most cases to write at least one page (20pts) per assignment. Journals will be collected for grading at the end of each term.


Each student will be provided with a textbook to use during the course. The student are responsible for the textbook received. Fines will be assessed and charged to the student if the textbook is returned in a damaged condition. Lost or stolen textbooks must be paid for by the student.

Class Web Site

Much of the information necessary to help students to be aware of class activities will be posted at this web site, ie: Make-up assignment due dates, video permission slips, and quite often other information that goes into more depth about many of the subjects covered in the class or in the textbook. From time to time assignments will be given to students that will be centered around specific information found at the website.


Each student will be given a maximum of 20 pts at the beginning of each week.
A student will keep their points throughout each term if they do not have or do any of the following:
  • having unexcused tardies! (This includes not being seated when the bell rings) (minus 10pts)
  • not being prepared, ie: no pen nor pencil, no paper, no journal (when appropriate), no textbook (minus 5pts each)
  • refusing to work in class (minus 10pts)
  • causing disruptions in class (minus 5-20pts)
  • bringing food or drinks into the classroom (minus 10pts)
Parents/Guardians will be contacted on occasion to notify them of their students classroom behaviors.

*Note: Topics not addressed in this disclosure will be handled on an individual basis.
Please feel free to contact Mr. Charon by phone, in person or by e-mail.

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