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Virtual Tours & Information

Origins of the Samurai by David Lay

Samurai Tour!

The Samurai Master page about "Matabei Mototsugu Goto"

Samurai Johnny's Weapons Page!

Sumo Web

World Famous Sumo Pool

Index of Sumo Pages: Knock yourself out with this one!

Castles of Japan



Learn some basic words!


An Introduction to Zen Buddhism

Current Events

Japanese News


Kabuki Theater by Ichimura Manjiro

Kabuki Theater Information

What is Noh?

Noh Mask Exhibition

A Comprehensive Introduction

See if its really you!

Other Sites of Interest


AncientSites is a unique Internet community that offers 3D games, quizzes and virtual walking tours to students, teachers and history buffs around the world. Website visitors can explore digital reconstructions of Rome, Athens and other great cities of the ancient world and share their interests with a world-wide online community of ancient history fans through chat rooms and bulletin boards.

General News & Politics Links

CNN News

All Politics CNN/Time

Channel 1 One News

USA Today

The Deseret News

The Salt Lake Tribune

Time Magazine

Excite! News page

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Crossed Sword picture taken from Nora's Highlander Page . Used with permission.