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Directions: Answer the questions below by folowing the underlined links:

Inside the Corps

1. How much money did Congress appropriate to fund the Lewis and Clark Expedition?

2. What did Thomas Jefferson call the expedition?

3. How many years did the Expedition last?

The Corps

4. How many members were there of the "Permanent Party?"

5. What was the name of the name of the 34th member? What made him different from the rest of the party?

6. Why were Privates Moses Reed and John Newman dismissed before the explorers reached Fort Mandan? What was eventually done with them?

7. Who were the two men enlisted at Fort Mandan to replace Newman and Reed?

8. What was the name of the wife of Toussaint Charbonneau?

9. How old was she believed to have been at this time?

Biographies (same page with tan background)

10. Choose any member of the Party (except for Lewis, or Clark) and give a one-paragraph description of the life of that person.

To Equip an Expedition

11. Name four of the subjects studied by Lewis in order to prepare himself for his expedition:

12. List ten of the supplies taken by Lewis on his expedition:

Circa 1803

13. What was the "Northwest Passage"? What did President Jefferson think the discovery of the Passage would do?

14. Name two beliefs that Jefferson had about the West that he developed from some of the books in his library:

15. How large was the Louisiana Territory purchased by Jefferson? How much did he pay per acre for this land? How did this purchase affect the size of the United States?

The Natives Americans

16. How many Native American tribes would the Corps of Discovery meet?

17. Name one of the events that was a part of "The Meeting Ceremony"?

18. Choose any of the 16 Native American tribes listed at this site and write a short paragraph about their dealings with Lewis and Clark:

The Archive

19. What big event took place on March 10, 1804?

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20. Describe briefly the events of May 17, 1804:

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21. The Corps passed near the home of which famous mountain man on May 23, 1804?

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22. What did Clark get on June 3, 1804?

23. What was done with the eight deer that were killed on June 4, 1804? Why do you think this was done?

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24. Do you believe that the Corps ate bear meat during their voyage? Why or why not?

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25. What type of afflictions did many of the men suffer on June 17, 1804?

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26. How did the men get their boat through the rapids on June 20, 1804?


Click on the link that says, "The Route of the Corps of Discovery"

Draw a map that contains the route followed by Lewis and Clark on their voyage west
(When you have finished your map. Go to the next section)

Into the Unknown

Play Game

This is an interactive game. You must keep a journal of your adventures and write down, VERY briefly what happens to you on your first voyage. Enjoy!

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